Thursday, 18 July 2013

Dress made out if men's ties

Hi, so im back with yet another blog for your guys! I've been blogging a lot recently whilst I've got the chance and hope to be bringing you more blogs very soon.

So here is a dress that I made in school for a catwalk show we did at our summer eco fair, our task was to design and make an outfit out if recycled materials so I got the male members of my family to donate any ties that they have but don't wear anymore and I created this halter neck dress.

Unfortunately the pictures arnt as good as I would have hoped because my model didn't want any of her pictures put on the internet (which is totally understandable, she is one of my best friends and if she doesn't want them on there not going on) so I have had to settle for these.

Like I said before the dress has a halter neck and ties at the back like a normal tie, it also has a fish tail at the back which was totally not planned but turned out like that by itself.

Unfortunately the tailors dummy that it is on is way to big (but it was the smallest one we had at the time) so it really doesn't do the dress justice.

I have also made another Asian inspired dress for my final project but I haven't been given thay back yet as it is still at school because we arnt allowed to collect them yet :-( so as soon as I get it back I will write a post and upload some more pictures. Please feel free to comment at the bottom and thanks for taking the time to read my post it is very much appreciated.

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