Sunday, 8 September 2013

Craft Room Remake

So after God knows how long the folks and I have finally started sorting out my craft room! We emptied it yesterday, have made trips to a 'hardware' store (B&Q for all the English readers, other shops are available and all that jaz....) and have finally got some sort of organisation going on. Dad has built me a fabulous craft table which folds down from the wall and clips to the wall when not in use. It is seriously the best thing ever! All that needs to be done is to paint part if the wall to turn it into a chalkboard and move all of my crazyness back into the room (which is now making the whole house stink of varnish!). I'm soo excited for when I can finally have an actual place to craft and have everything organised and just in time for collage! Picks to follow soon.

By for now, love and crafty hugs :-)

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