Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Knitting Board

So I have recently purchased my self a 'knitting board' now don't get me wrong i'm sure that there wonderful things and the things that you can make using them look fantastic but I am having soooo many problems when trying to use it. I have watched the DVD that came with it and been onto YouTube to try and see where i'm going wrong but that didn't help so if anyone reading this knows what there doing when it comes to knitting board's please help.

My first post!

Welcome to the blog for all thing's crafty!
If its Baking, knitting, sewing or any other wonderful craftiness i'm all over it.
But there's only one problem, i'm not that well experienced in fact i'm self taught and have only been crafting for three years but despite this i'm determined to help people who have the craftiness equivalent of writers block or people who just want to learn something new. I am also writing this blog so that not only am I helping people out there but i'm hoping that readers can help me.