Thursday, 18 July 2013

Cute monster purses

So i've been meaning blog about making these for a while now but I just haven't had time sorry x

I made these cute purses or for me they are phone cases because I have a Sony Xperia z and it's huge!

One day I was out shipping and decided that I needed a phone case.....untill I saw the price of some of them :-/ Instead of purchasing one that would probably fall to pieces I decided to make one (well several and I'm going to sell the rest on my craft stall). Not having a pattern I simply made it up as I went along, I drew around my phone and left plenty of seem allowance then cut this Patten out of felt and made the case (it really was that simple).

I've made several different sizes (the pink  one is big enough to fit my Sony in and the blue one just about fits a BlackBerry), my next test is figuring out how to make them for tablets or even laptops!

These cases are so fun to make and why don't u get the kids involved in making there own gadget or coin purses, obviously you would stitch them together to save trips to the emergency room and social services comming round, but let the children chose the colour, buttons and other accessories to stick onto the front. This could be a quick and easy project for a rainy day or even a child's birthday party if u pre made the cases before.

As usual please leave your comments and questions and I'll get back to you, love and crafty hugs x

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